Nick C. Casale: Born and raised on Long Island, New York. Known as a creative-analytical type, "Creative Common-Sense" (term coined by Nick C. Casale)

A Natural Leader, and most of all, a friend to all:

If you are looking for a truly inspiring, natural leader whom team members rally around and to, someone different, creative yet analytical, then you may have come to the right place. Nick is the type of person that no matter what position he is hired for, at any level, he is always quickly chosen to lead, supervise, manage, or take overall responsibility for the tasks at hand. Having worked no collar, blue collar, white collar, to senior-level management and small business owner, he seems to have nine perspectives for every one another individual might have. Having multiple perspectives helps make him a highly effective leader as well as an innovative and results-oriented problem solver.


Life coaching and personal training through a highly-visual and innovative perspective to help individuals determine their lifestyle goals, overcome obstacles, and establish realistic plans/solutions. Professional-level photography equipment used to capture clients in their best "light" to help improve self-esteem, obtain a clearer vision of themselves, and generate their goals and desired changes. This unique visual approach, combined with digital measuring tools, and customized needs and personality assessments, are key tools in determining problem areas, corrective actions, and desired results. Together, the goals and objectives are analyzed and defined, realistic plans put into place, and then worked through to reach the desired end-results.

Additional photography and computer-related services: Assisting clients with development of advertisement campaigns, branding, logos, and slogans. Designing digital data user-interfaces and websites. Developing 360 degree virtual tours, product brochures, and providing highly-reliable - Web hosting, computer repairs, and computer network installation and maintenance.



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Nick C. Casale